This page contains questions which we are frequently asked concerning party tent rentals and party rentals.  The answers are from our previous experience in the tent rentals, as well as answers we have been provided by associates who are in the party rental business.

Feel free to use these answers when dealing with your rental customers, and formulating your own policies for your particular business. 

General questions regarding tent rentals
How far ahead should customers book their tent?
The sooner the better.  During peak times your calendar will fill rapidly, and some dates become unavailable. We recommend 90 days in advance if possible.  This will give you time to asses your inventory and purchase any items you may be short.
What is the difference between a frame tent and a pole tent?
Frame tents are NOT "Free Standing" as sometimes advertised. They must be staked out just like a pole or tension structure must be. The only exception is for indoor use, or very short periods of time outdoors when they can be temporarily held in place by 50 gallon drums of water.
Pole tents will withstand higher wind loads than a frame tent, and are generally less expensive to rent or purchase.
How many people can fit under a tent?
You should figure 6 - 8 sq. ft. per person for auditorium style seating and 15 sq. ft. per person when tables and chairs are used for banquet seating.
How large a "footprint" does each tent require?
Each tent size requires an extra 6' of space on all four sides to allow room for staking.  For example, a 20'x20' tent actually requires a 32'x32' area free of obstructions.
Can a tent be installed on asphalt or concrete?
Yes.  When the tent stakes are removed, you should then repair the holes from the stakes  with either asphalt or concrete filler.
Are side walls extra?
Yes.  Solid walls and cathedral window walls should be made available for an additional rental fee.
Should the tent be installed a day or two before the event?
This is highly recommended to allow time for decorating, and placing anything else in the tent your customer may plan on using during their event.
Do you have more pictures of tents I can see?
Yes!  Please visit this link!
Do you have seating charts or drawings I can view?
Yes!  Please visit this link!
Do you have installation videos I can view to understand the installation process?
Yes!  Please visit this link! instructions.html
Can I purchase a new or used tent from your company?
Yes. Please visit our home page here.
Do you have price sheets or catalogs for your new tents?
Yes!  Please visit this link!
I purchased a new  1 pc. pole tent from you, and I lost the instructions.  Where can I get replacement printed instructions?
I purchased a new  sectional pole tent from you, and I lost the instructions.  Where can I get replacement printed instructions?
I purchased a new  frame tent from you, and I lost the instructions.  Where can I get replacement printed instructions?
General questions your customers will ask regarding party & wedding equipment rentals
Can I rent tables, chairs and table clothes from your company?
We have all sizes of tables, several types of chairs,and a wide variety of table clothes and napkins.
Do you have margarita machines, chocolate fountains or champagne fountains?
We have those items and more to make your party special!
What about the china, silver and crystal I need?
We are a complete party store, and we have all the items needed for place settings, chaffing dishes,and serving items as well.
If I rent a margarita machine, popcorn machine or big coffee pot do you have instructions? Absolutely! And you can even print out additional instructions by clicking here!
Do you install the china and place settings? It's your choice!
Do you have tent seating charts or drawings I can view? Yes!  Please visit this link!
When I rent china & other items for a wedding or other special event,what am I expected to do with the items after the event? All china, silver, utensils, etc. should be free of food, rinsed, and replaced in their delivery containers. Linens should be refuse free and allowed to air dry to prevent staining and mildew.
Do you deliver the china, table clothes etc? Delivery is available at a reasonable charge in our regular service area. For prices to other areas, please call our office. Special containers are provided for china, silver, glassware etc, to insure that you receive your items sterilized, undamaged, sparkling, and "table ready". Our delivery personnel are instructed to neatly stack all items in a mutually convenient place on delivery. *Basic delivery charge is for ground level delivery*
Should I reserve their party items in advance? You may reserve your choice of party items in advance. Reservations are considered confirmed when a reservation deposit has been paid. If you cancel your order less than five days prior to function, a cancellation fee may be charged
How do your pricing rates work exactly? Most prices quoted are for a one day charge. If you desire to use rental items for a long period, please call our office for long-term rates.
What about items which are delivered, but not used.  Will I be charged for those as well? All charges are for time out, whether used or not.

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